Reverse Transcription

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The RT – kit plus is a reverse transcription reagent for the synthesis of cDNA from RNA extracted from cellular and non-cellular samples.

The synthesized cDNA is used for the detection and quantification of human RNA viruses and human messenger RNA with diagnostic assays based on nucleic acids amplification with DNA polymerase enzymes (such as thermostable DNA polymerases).

The procedure consists of an enzymatic reaction with reverse transcriptase in a programmable thermal cycler. The reaction uses random hexamer primers and the RNA dependent DNA polymerase from the Moloney Murine Leukaemia Virus (MMLV). The reaction generates cDNA from all the different RNA molecules extracted from the samples. The “RNasi STOP” is an inhibitor that prevents extracted RNA from degradation in case of RNases contamination.

The efficiency of the reaction allows obtaining a quantity of cDNA, detectable using an amplification assay that uses 10 μl of the product of the reverse transcription product, starting from approximately 25 target RNA molecules in 10 μl of RNA extract added to the “monotest” test tube.


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Product Description: RT – kit plus
Number of Tests: 50 (in 0,2 ml ready-to-use vials)

Product Description: RT – kit plus
Number of Tests: 50 (in 0,5 ml ready-to-use vials)

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