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ELITechGroup Clinical Systems (ECS) is a global leader in benchtop Clinical Chemistry, with over 50,000 analytical systems delivered. Our Scalable Systems are designed to meet the most important needs of the clinical laboratory – reliability and analytical quality. With over 20 years of experience servicing Physician Office Laboratories (POL), clinics and small reference labs in the USA, ECS has built a solid reputation for excellent product quality, user-friendliness, technical support, service, and training. ENVOY® 500/500+ and Selectra Pro Series are a high-quality benchtop clinical chemistry solutions, including dedicated barcoded reagents, calibrators, controls, and consumables, are designed to facilitate the laboratories in their key role of providing first-class healthcare.

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This application eBook from Select Science provides an expert clinical chemistry workflow guide on how to effectively increase laboratory efficiency to deliver reliable results for improved patient outcomes. It also covers;

  • Small to medium size clinical chemistry solutions
  • Top tips to enhance your routine clinical chemistry diagnostics
  • Benchtop clinical chemistry systems designed to generate reliable and cost saving results

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