Monday 24th April 2017 (Vienna – Austria) ELITechGroup Symposium (Molecular Diagnostics) : ELITe InGenius® the highly flexible sample-to-result solution  (program) ELITechGroup Symposim (Microbiology) : Introducing the Rapid Polymyxin… See Details

See Us at the SCACM Spring Meeting on March 23, 2017

EliTechGroup will be exhibiting at the South Central Association for Clinical Microbiology (SCACM) Spring Meeting, held from Thursday, March 23 to Saturday, March 25, 2017…. See Details

SAVE THE DATE – ELITechGroup Macroduct User Group Meeting – Melbourne

Click here to read more : Macroduct UGM For further information, please contact: Australia- Ph: 1800 815 098 Email: New Zealand- Ph: 0800 555 611… See Details

Press Releases

ELITechGroup Molecular Diagnostics announces the CE-IVD marking of the STI ELITe MGB® Panel, for the detection of C. trachomatis, N. gonorrhoeae and M. genitalium

Puteaux, France, 9th June 2017 – ELITechGroup Molecular Diagnostics announces the CE-IVD marking of the STI ELITe MGB® Panel: a multiplex assay for the detection of… See Details

ELITechGroup Molecular Diagnostics announced the CE-IVD marking of the Coagulation ELITe MGB® Kit, a multiplex assay for the detection of Factor V, Factor II, and MTHFR genetic variants

Puteaux, France, 27th January 2017 – ELITechGroup Molecular Diagnostics announced today the CE-IVD marking of the Coagulation ELITe MGB® Kit, a high-performance, multiplex assay for… See Details

ELITechGroup receives FDA Emergency Use Authorization for Zika ELITe MGB® Kit U.S. performedusing the ELITe InGenius™ instrument

ELITechGroup announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the Zika ELITe MGB® Kit U.S…. See Details

ELITechGroup Announces Agreement with Abbott to Expand Distribution Channels

Puteaux, France November 9th, 2016 – ELITechGroup today announced a U.S. distribution agreement, with Abbott’s Molecular business, for molecular diagnostic reagents. The reagents target a… See Details

ELITechGroup Molecular Diagnostics announce the CE-IVD marking of the CRE ELITe MGB® Kit, for the detection of the Carbapenem Resistance genes of Enterobacteriaceae

Puteaux, France November 8th, 2016 – ELITechGroup Molecular Diagnostics announce today the CE-IVD marking of the CRE ELITe MGB® kit, a high-performance, qualitative, multiplex assay… See Details

NEW – Press release – Rapid Detection of Resistance to Polymyxins

Signes, France – October 17th, 2016 – Among the most clinically significant multidrug-resistant bacteria are carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae. Because these bacteria usually remain susceptible to polymyxins,… See Details

Product News

Medical Technology

How Technology is Improving Pharmacy

In 2017, it’s probably safe to say that technology is improving all parts of our lives, including the healthcare industry. In fact, a variety of… See Details

Healthcare News

Hospital in Seattle to Test Virtual Reality Technology

When we hear virtual reality, we often think of video games. While virtual reality (VR) is popular in the gaming world, it also has far-reaching… See Details

How Technological Advancement is Changing Healthcare

Technology’s impact on industries like healthcare has been widespread and far-reaching, essentially transforming every aspect of the industry. These technological advancements have completely changed healthcare,… See Details

FDA Approves Cardiac-Driven Wearable Technology

A new cardiac-driven wearable device is the latest technology to enter the medical wearable scene, complete with approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration… See Details

Diabetes Medical Technology Continues to Advance

As medical technology continues to advance, so does the ability to diagnose and treat illnesses like diabetes. The digital transformation that is underway in the… See Details

Some Blood Tests Starting to Detect Autism

Thanks to a medical breakthrough, healthcare professionals may soon be able to detect autism spectrum disorder even earlier through a simple blood test. The test… See Details

Highlighting Vapor Pressure Osmometers

Vapor pressure osmometers are an essential mainstay in laboratories worldwide in research osmometry. ELITechGroup Biomedical Systems is the undisputed leader of vapor pressure osmometers, bringing… See Details

Wearable Medical Technology Impacts Us Wearable Medical Technology Impacts Us

Wearable medical technology has changed how healthcare interacts with patients, and in turn, how patients interact with healthcare thanks to this revolutionary and life-changing medical… See Details

Highlighting Sweat Testing Products

The sooner you get diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, the sooner you can start treatment to improve your quality of life and your lifespan. Known globally… See Details

ELITe InGenius® Aids Fight Against Zika

Zika ELITe MGB® Kit U.S. and ELITe InGenius, the fully automated sample-to-result system, has joined the fight against the Zika virus. In December, ELITechGroup received… See Details