Chemistry Reagents

A full range of clinical chemistry assays.*  The ELITechGroup reagent lines, consisting of dedicated liquid stable ready-to-use barcoded reagents, calibrators, controls, and consumables are an integral part of the Selectra & ENVOY 500+ systems. The reagent lines form the foundation of consistent, accurate, and reliable results and, through an ongoing commitment to product development, the test menu continues to broaden.

RELIABILITY – Ready-to-use, liquid stable, barcoded reagents to minimize errors

CONSISTENCY – Reproducible performance across the Selectra Family

QUALITY – European design and manufacture (CE-IVD Marked)     >> System Reagents

Anaemia | Cardiac | Diabetes | General Chemistry | Specific Proteins & Special Chemistry | Ion Selective Electrode | Consumables | Calibrators | Controls

*Product availability may be subject to regulatory requirements. Please contact your local representative for more information.
IQC in a laboratory


Quality matters
The system pack reagents are based on proven methodologies, referenced and
traceable to industry standards for assured quality and laboratory peace of mind.
ELITechGroup Clinical Systems maintains a quality management system certified
according to ISO 13485:2016.

Complete System
ELITechGroup recommends ELITech Calibrator and Controls be used with
ELITechGroup reagents. Refer to each item for recommended Calibrator and /or
Control. If no specific Calibrator and/or Control is listed for a specific item, ELICAL
(Calibration); and ELITROL I and ELITROL II (Controls) are recommended.

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