Chemistry Reagents

A full range of clinical chemistry assays.*  The ELITechGroup reagent lines, consisting of dedicated liquid stable ready-to-use barcoded reagents, calibrators, controls, and consumables are an integral part of the Selectra & ENVOY 500+ systems. The reagent lines form the foundation of consistent, accurate, and reliable results and, through an ongoing commitment to product development, the test menu continues to broaden.

RELIABILITY – Ready-to-use, liquid stable, barcoded reagents to minimize errors

CONSISTENCY – Reproducible performance across the Selectra Family

QUALITY – European design and manufacture (CE-IVD Marked)     >> System Reagents

Anaemia | Cardiac | Diabetes | General Chemistry | Specific Proteins & Special Chemistry | Ion Selective Electrode | Consumables | Calibrators | Controls

*Product availability may be subject to regulatory requirements. Please contact your local representative for more information.


Quality matters
The system pack reagents are based on proven methodologies, referenced and
traceable to industry standards for assured quality and laboratory peace of mind.
ELITechGroup Clinical Systems maintains a quality management system certified
according to ISO 13485:2016.

Complete System
ELITechGroup recommends ELITech Calibrator and Controls be used with
ELITechGroup reagents. Refer to each item for recommended Calibrator and /or
Control. If no specific Calibrator and/or Control is listed for a specific item, ELICAL
(Calibration); and ELITROL I and ELITROL II (Controls) are recommended.

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