Internal Control

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CTR-CPE is a universal Internal Control suitable for all ELITe MGB & Alert Q-PCR kits. The Internal Control is validated for DNA and RNA extraction from non-cellular and cellular biological samples with the ELITechGroup products: EXTRAgen, EXTRAzol, EXTRAblood, ELITe STAR 200 Extraction kit, ELITe GALAXY 300 Extraction Kit, ELITe InGenius SP200 and also with NucliSENS® easyMAG® Reagents (bioMérieux), QIAsymphony® DSP Virus / Pathogen Midi kit and QIAsymphony® DNA Mini kit (QIAGEN).

CTR-CPE is a stabilised plasmid solution containing two plasmid DNAs and genomic RNA of MS2 phage, aliquoted in four tubes and ready for use.

The amplification of the internal control CTR-CPE indicates the correctness of the extraction procedure: the presence of DNA/RNA and the absence of inhibitors.

CE-IVD product