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ELITechGroup Molecular Diagnostics offers systems for the detection and identification of DNA (derived from nucleic acid amplification) by electrophoretic separation on agarose gel. The product intended use is to detect the DNA amplicons obtained by qualitative nucleic acids amplification assays.

The kit provides ready to use agarose gels in TAE buffer 1x with ethidium bromide, an electrophoresis buffer 50x to be reconstituted with sterile bidistilled water, a loading buffer 6x to prepare the amplification reaction, a ready to use molecular weight standard and a solution of ethidium bromide to dye the gel.


Product Range

Catalogue Number(s)

Product Description: Electrophoresis 2
Number of Tests: 64
Molecular weight standard: Hinf I Marker

Product Description: Electrophoresis 3
Number of Tests: 120
Molecular weight standard: Hinf I Marker

Kits are CE-IVD Marked