New Heart Failure Treatment Possibility

New Heart Failure Treatment PossibilityThe number of people suffering from heart failure is expected to increase almost 50 percent over the course of the next 15 years. This is very troubling because, as of right now, about half of those who suffer from heart failure die within five years of being diagnosed. Their heart muscles simply become too weak over time, and they are never able to fully recover from their condition.

But there could potentially be help on the way for those who suffer from heart failure.

Recently, researchers at the Universidad de los Andes conducted a study that was later published in the Circulation Journal on heart failure and a potential treatment for it. The researchers used stem cells from umbilical cords on patients who suffered heart failure to see what the results would be, and they made some interesting discoveries.

Those who were injected with the stem cells from the umbilical cords—which derived from human placentas donated by healthy mothers who gave birth to healthy children—were found to have improved heart functions following the stem cell therapy they received. In the year following the treatment, their hearts were noticeably stronger, and they did not seem to suffer any adverse effects. Meanwhile, another group of people that was given a placebo did not show any signs of improvement over the same time period, leading researchers to believe that the stem cells made a major difference in those that received them.

The study that was done only included a sample group of about 30 people, so there needs to be additional research done on this particular method of treating heart failure non-invasively before it’s used on a larger scale. But because stem cells from umbilical cords are readily available and don’t come with the same kind of controversy that embryonic cells do, the researchers are hopeful that their study could lead to further advances in heart failure treatment.

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