Strepto Color

Slide haemagglutination test for the rapid qualitative or semi-quantitative detection of 5 antistreptococcic antibodies in serum.

GROUP A STREPTOCOCCAL DISEASES: Enhance the performance of your serodiagnosis. STREPTO Color is a slide agglutination test for the rapid detection of 5 antistreptococcic antibodies in serum (ASLO, ASD, ASK, ASH, ANAdase).

  • Simple visual reading, without expert interpretation: bi-colored latex reaction
  • Fast results for clinicians (2 minutes)
  • Cost-effective routine laboratory test
  • Easy and ready-to-use
  • High sensitivity and specificity

Finally, our kit meets all safety requirements with positive and negative controls.


Reference Name Quantity
04145 STREPTO Color 50 tests


Strepto Color detection


Intended use

STREPTO Color is a haemagglutination slide test for the rapid qualitative and semi-quantitative detection of 5 antibodies (ASLO, ASD, ASK, ASH, ANAdase) to the Group A Streptococcus antigens. STREPTO Color offers a simple method for rapid detection of Group A Streptococcus, such may develop in streptococcal pharyngitis, rheumatic fever, pyoderma, glomerulonephritis, and other related conditions. Currently, most clinical diagnostic laboratories perform only a single streptococcal antibody determination, the anti-streptolysin O (ASO or ASLO) tests. Unfortunately, approximately 20% of ARF (Acute Rheumatic Fever) patients have normal serum titers of ASO. Moreover, the ASO response to streptococcal cutaneous infection is weak and inconsistent. In areas of the United States and the world in which streptococcal pyoderma-associated AGN (Acute Poststreptococcal Glomerulonephritis) are the principal streptococcal diseases, the ASO test is of very limited value. These problems may be largely overcome by measuring, in addition to ASO, serum antibodies to the other known extracellular enzymes of group A streptococci. Then STREPTO Color brings the adequate solution.


STREPTO Color is a direct agglutination slide test. The REAG reagent, brown-green colored, is composed of sheep red blood cells sensitized by exoenzyme of Group A Streptococcus (streptolysin, streptokinase, hyaluronidase, streptodornase, ANAdase), in a green dye. The presence of anti-exoenzyme of Group A Streptococcus antibodies is revealed by haemagglutination on a light green background, visible to the naked eye. Otherwise, no agglutination is observed and the suspension remains homogeneous and brown-green colored. Handling is simple and fast. It is performed on pure serum and the results are obtained in 2 minutes.

Simple methodology


Easy-to-read and easy-to-interpret results

The kit contains an internal quality control which allows observing a positive and a negative reaction as described below:

Positive + Negative –
Result Formation of brown colored agglutinates on a green background. No agglutination. The suspension remains homogeneous and brown-green.
Interpretation Presence of at least one of five anti-exoenzyme of Group A Streptococcus antibodies (SD, ASLO, ASK, ANAdase and ASH) Absence of the five anti-exoenzyme of Group A Streptococcus antibodies

Reagents and material

Quantity Description
1 REAG: Vial containing 0.5 mL of sensitized red blood cells
1 CONTROL +: Vial containing 0.3 mL of positive control
1 CONTROL -: Vial containing 0.3 mL of negative control
7 TEST CARD: Disposable reaction cards
50 STICK: Disposable stirrers

Material required but not provided

  • Automatic pipette(s) with a pipetting volume adapted to the volume that will be measured;
  • Haemolysis tubes (for semi-quantitative method)
  • PBS (Phosphate buffered saline 0.15M – pH 7.2) (for semi-quantitative method)
  • Contaminated waste container.

Stability and storage

  • All reagents are ready-to-use.
  • After opening, all reagents stored at 2-8 °C, in their original state, are stable up to the expiry date indicated on the box. Do not freeze.


STREPTO Color enables the detection of anti-exoenzymes Group A, which appear frequently (more than 90% of cases) in the serum of patients with streptococcal infections (especially rheumatic fever, micropipette. glomerulonephritis, bacterial endocarditis, scarlet fever …). The performance studies of STREPTO Color demonstrated a sensitivity and specificity above 95 %.


Manufacturer: ELITech Microbio.
Product(s) intended for healthcare professionals.
Read the instructions on the label and/or instructions for use of the product(s).

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