ELITe InGenius®

ELITe InGenius®

ELITe InGenius® is an easy-to-use sample-to-result solution dedicated to Molecular Diagnostics which integrates extraction, amplification and result interpretation with an unprecedented flexibility and assay menu possibility.

ELITe InGenius® processes 1 to 12 samples in parallel and independent tracks. It features a universal extraction process with multiple and independent PCR enabling the laboratories to create and run custom panels of assays on demand.

ELITe InGenius® offers laboratories an unlimited menu capability, combining the largest CE-IVD infectious disease menu available on a sample-to-result instrument, with a real open capability.


Full Automation • Bench-top instrument integrating all the steps of molecular diagnostics: automated nucleic acid extraction, real-time PCR amplification, and result analysis
• Primary tube loading capability
• Hands-on- time reduced to few minutes
• Bi-directional connectivity to the LIS
Efficient Performance • High yield of extraction even with low sample volume
• Patented magnetic beads technology combined with sonication, thermal and chemical sample treatment
• Best-in-class CE-IVD real-time PCR menu based on the MGB technology
• Qualitative and quantitative applications
• Unitary cassette-based format
• Overall time-to-result: c. 2h30
• Hands-on time reduced to less than 2 minutes per sample
Unrivaled Flexibility • 1 to 12 samples processed in parallel tracks
• Possibility to mix any kind of sample matrices within the same run
• Multiple and independent PCR performed from one extracted sample, enabling the laboratory to define a customized and comprehensive panel of tests adapted to each patient’s need
• Several operational modes available: extraction only, amplification only, or extraction, amplification and result analysis
• Extracted nucleic acid elution storage allowing multiple PCR testing, additional retesting or archiving
Virtually Unlimited Menu • Complete CE-IVD real-time PCR menu:
- Transplant Pathogen Monitoring
- Healthcare Associated Infections
- Antibiotic Resistance Testing
- Sexually Transmitted Diseases
- Respiratory Infections
- Meningitis
- Gastro-Intestinal Infections
- Genetics
• First sample-to-result solution with a comprehensive quantitative transplant pathogen monitoring menu including: CMV, EBV, HSV1, HSV2, BKV, JCV, Parvovirus B19, HHV6, HHV8, and many more
• Real open capability
• 6plex target capability enhanced with melt curve analysis
• Personalized menu by saving test panel