ELITechGroup unveils plans for its next innovation: the launch of a high throughput sample-to-result instrument for molecular diagnostics

  • After the launch of InGenius in 2016 and BeGenius in 2021 ELITech Group continues to expand its portfolio of molecular solutions to support laboratories worldwide.
  • The company’s new molecular high throughput system is designed for maximum flexibility and will be launched in 2024.

Copenhagen, 15th April 2023 – At the ECCMID congress ELITech Group unveiled the upcoming launch of a new high throughput sample-to-result instrument for molecular diagnostics.

In 2016 ELITechGroup introduced ELITe InGenius, its first sample-to-result system for molecular diagnostics. Since then, the company has been expanding the system’s menu to more than 50 CE-IVD parameters and has validated more than 20 sample matrices. BeGenius was launched in 2021 to address the needs of laboratories that require higher throughput.
To date, more than 1100 InGenius and BeGenius instruments have been installed across the globe. Users appreciate the broad menu as well as the instrument’s versatility and robustness.
Elitech MDx is committed to transitioning its complete portfolio of CE-IVD parameters to IVDR and has already received the first IVDR certificates for both InGenius and BeGenius.

The company’s new high throughput system will be based on ELITech’s proven extraction and assay technology. It will use the same reagents as InGenius and BeGenius. The instrument offers continuous loading of samples and reagents coupled with real random-access capability. The user will be able to run in parallel different PCR reagents, protocols, and sample matrices, with maximum versatility.
ELITech’s broad and expanding menu of IVD assays together with the instrument’s superior throughput and multiplexing capability will make it the ideal platform for laboratories with a high level of complexity in their routine testing.
The European launch of the new system is planned for the end of 2024.

With the introduction of its high throughput system, ELITechGroup will have launched three molecular sample-to-result platforms in 8 years. This track record demonstrates the company’s commitment to serving molecular laboratories worldwide with innovative instruments and state-of-the-art PCR assays – independent of their throughput needs.

About ELITech Group

ELITech Group is an integrated in-vitro diagnostics company that serves hospitals and diagnostic laboratories in more than 100 countries. The company develops, manufactures, and markets a wide range of diagnostic products and solutions – instruments, reagents, and software.

ELITech Molecular Diagnostics (MDx), one of the four business units of ELITech Group, serves the needs of clinical and research laboratories by offering a wide range of molecular diagnostic products, including more than 50 CE-IVD assays and instruments as well as software applications.

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