ELITechGroup’s donation to support Ukraine

 width=Turin, 5th April, 2022 – ELITechGroup donated € 30,000 to provide emergency aid to Ukraine in response to the humanitarian crisis. Given the dramatic situation in Ukraine, ELITechGroup took immediate action to collaborate with SERMIG, a non-profit organisation based in Turin, Italy, with more than 50 years of experience in humanitarian aid. SERMIG is at the forefront of the response to the crisis in Ukraine and is raising funds to support Ukrainians.

Thanks to the donation by ELITechGroup, SERMIG was able to buy an ambulance that will be equipped for basic life support and medical assistance for civilians. With numerous hospitals damaged in the attacks, an ambulance is critical to be able to rescue people on-site. “We felt compelled to act immediately in the face of this situation. We can not stand by and watch these atrocities reported in the media” says Roberto Meda, Senior Vice President of MDx ELITechGroup. “We chose SERMIG because of its history: it used to be a weapons factory, but is now a place where volunteers have built an Arsenal of Peace. ELITechGroup’s donation is intended to support Ukrainians. We are close to them like ELITechGroup is close to Ernesto Olivero, the SERMIG founder, in his mission for Peace”.   About ELITechGroup ELITechGroup is a privately held group that develops, manufactures and distributes products for the in-vitro diagnostics market. It is the company’s goal to advance and automate clinical diagnostics.”

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