ELITe BeGenius®

Smart. Easy. Powerful. Boost your laboratory efficiency with the new ELITe BeGenius®, a fully automated solution for medium to high throughput molecular diagnostics laboratories. Click here to play with our 3D BeGenius Viewer.   With BeGenius, laboratories can empower their workflow in several ways:

  • Run up to 72 results in an 8-hour shift, for up to 18.000 results/year
  • Save space by introducing a stand-alone instrument that can fit anywhere
  • Free up operator resources with minimal hands-on time, exceptional ease-of-use, and total automation

As result, lab efficiency is improved with a positive impact on patient management.


Be Smart BeGenius is the intelligent answer to complex workflows
  • Compact footprint for optimized space management
  • Cooling unit to guarantee reliable results even over several sessions by keeping reagents and eluates on board
  • Full traceability for confidence in results and reduced compliance risks
  • Open capability for personalized menu to meet specific laboratory needs and physician requests
  • Eluate recovery for short TAT of any retest
Be Easy BeGenius makes molecular biology accessible to everyone
  • True walkaway solution with minimal hands-on time: laboratories save resources
  • Intuitive software: install and start testing
  • Large accessible working area and unitary cassette based format consumables for extraction and amplification unique for both InGenius and BeGenius: load-and-go
  • Accept raw, untreated specimens: simplification of laboratory workflow
  • Multiple tests from the same eluate: saves cost and maximizes test options per sample
Be Power BeGenius boosts laboratory efficiency
  • Operational efficiency gained thanks to the increased throughput: 24 PCR per run and up to 18.000 samples/year
  • Easily adaptable to diverse routine: several kind of matrices can be tested in parallel within the same session
  • Enhanced performances: with 24 independent thermal cyclers first results are available in less than 2 hours depending on the type of run set


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