New! Online oligo order form

Online oligo order form

Design your own oligonucleotides

Bothell, WA, December 6, 2023 — ELITechGroup MDx LLC (EGMDx) announced availability of their new online oligo ordering form, showcasing the company’s proprietary reagents and production methods. EGMDx is a pioneer in the PCR field, having invented oligos conjugated to a minor groove binder (MGB probes) and developed optimized methods for their design and production.

EGMDx has made numerous contributions to DNA detection technology over the last several decades, focused on PCR and other nucleic acid amplification and detection technologies. MGB and its chimeric quenching analogue, “DSQ” or duplex stabilizing quencher, are among EGMDx’s duplex-stabilizing modifications available through the online ordering portal. Additional proprietary reagents include a spectrum of fluorophores and quenchers, Tm-modulating nucleosides, universal bases, and highly stable modified phosphate backbones which do not interact with DNA or RNA.

“Our new online oligo ordering form is warmly anticipated by the chemistry community,” said Scott Johnston, General Manager. Johnston added, “Our intent is to make the form intuitive and accessible to a wide range of customers, spanning those who want an off the shelf oligo with standard modifications to those who have very specific design requirements in mind.”

EGMDx offers multiple oligo design solutions via their vast toolbox of oligonucleotide labeling products. EGMDx now enables customers to create their own specialty compounds, which in turn can be used to develop diagnostic assays and commercial kits. These custom oligo designs are realized by the EGMDx manufacturing team, experts in highly modified specialty oligonucleotide synthesis within an ISO 13485:2016 environment.

The form is available online at

About ELITechGroup MDx LLC
ELITechGroup MDx LLC serves the needs of clinical and research laboratories alike, offering an extensive range of molecular diagnostics products, including the fully automated sample-to-result ELITe BeGenius and ELITe InGenius instruments and a growing menu of infectious disease tests and reagents featuring innovative chemistries to optimize sensitivity and specificity. MGB Alert products utilize the original minor groove binder probe technology and offer the flexibility of PCR-based detection or melt curve analysis. DSQ Alert products feature the duplex stabilizing quencher, the latest evolution of hydrolysis probe-based real-time PCR. Other proprietary chemistries designed for optimum product performance include the original azo dye Eclipse® Dark Quencher, AquaPhluor® fluorescent dyes, and nucleobases Super A®, T, G, and I.

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