Redesigned enterovirus and parechovirus real-time PCR reagents

Enterovirus and parechovirus real-time PCR reagents

Redesigned for PCR efficiency and biplex compatibility

Bothell, WA, November 7, 2023 — ELITechGroup MDx LLC (EGMDx) announced availability of their redesigned enterovirus and parechovirus analyte specific reagents* (ASR). The ASRs are designed to be used in the development of real-time PCR assays and were reengineered for both performance and workflow functionality. The two sets of reagents are now optimized for singleplex PCR efficiency and biplex compatibility, offering greater flexibility for clinical and research laboratories.

The company projects that many children’s hospitals will appreciate their enterovirus and parechovirus real-time PCR design improvements. Viral meningitis is a concern among children’s hospitals, with diagnostic testing for enterovirus in cerebrospinal fluid specimens by PCR recognized as the gold standard. For this pediatric patient population, clinicians also frequently consider and order parechovirus testing. The company notes that with regard to enterovirus respiratory testing, their probe retains its ability to detect Enterovirus D68.

“Our newly released enterovirus and parechovirus reagents have been eagerly anticipated by several of our children’s hospital lab customers,” said Scott Johnston, General Manager. Johnston added, “R&D recently completed a redesign of our enterovirus and parechovirus ASRs. The new ASRs are optimized for improved PCR efficiency at lower copy numbers and minimal cross reactivity when biplexed. Lab workflow was also top of mind during product development. We wanted to offer a workflow solution for enterovirus and parechovirus testing, with automated extraction, amplification, and results. This automation is possible using our ELITe BeGenius® system. Alternately for lab flexibility, our reagents are compatible with many open channel systems and can help optimize the use of existing molecular lab equipment.”

The EGMDx product portfolio includes the following analytes of interest when testing patients suspected of viral meningitis:

  • DSQ Alert™ Enterovirus v2.0 primer and probe ASRs
  • DSQ Alert Parechovirus v2.0 primer and probe ASRs
  • HSV 1&2 ELITe MGB® IVD Assay
  • MGB Alert® VZV primer and probe ASRs
  • MGB Alert HHV-6 primer and probe ASRs

*Analyte Specific Reagent. Analytical and performance characteristics are not established.

About ELITechGroup MDx LLC

ELITechGroup MDx LLC serves the needs of clinical and research laboratories alike, offering an extensive range of molecular diagnostics products, including the fully automated sample-to-result ELITe BeGenius and ELITe InGenius instruments and a growing menu of infectious disease tests and reagents featuring innovative chemistries to optimize sensitivity and specificity. MGB Alert products utilize the original minor groove binder probe technology and offer the flexibility of PCR-based detection or melt curve analysis. DSQ Alert products feature the duplex stabilizing quencher, the latest evolution of hydrolysis probe-based real-time PCR. Other proprietary chemistries designed for optimum product performance include the original azo dye Eclipse® Dark Quencher, AquaPhluor® fluorescent dyes, and nucleobases Super A®, T, G, and I.

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