ELITechGroup supports AIDES & La Ligue contre le cancer

Puteaux, France, April 28th, 2022 – ELITechGroup, manufacturer and distributor of in vitro diagnostic instruments and reagents, has announced its charitable contributions to two French associations: AIDES and La Ligue contre le cancer. ELITechGroup, a key player in molecular biology diagnostics and clinical chemistry, brings together the expertise of innovative companies to develop a unique offering of products including those for routine analysis or specialized requests. ELITechGroup now markets instruments and reagents for biochemistry, microbiology, immunology and molecular biology from its own manufacturing units as well as products purchased from third-party suppliers. “This year, we have chosen to allocate donations to two organisatons that are mobilizing for two major public health problems: HIV and cancer. It seemed natural to us to show our support for these associations since, we recently comercialized quantitative PCR kits for monitoring HIV-positive and hepatitis patients undergoing treatment and for patients being treated for chronic myeloid leukemia” said Christoph Gauer, ELITechGroup CEO. “Our molecular biology kits, CE-IVD validated and compatible with our sample-to-result ELITe InGenius® instrument, provide reliable results in less than three hours. The results allow a healthcare practitioner to monitor viral loads in patients and adjust their treatment accordingly for better patient outcomes” added Nicolas Casassus, ELITechFrance Managing Director. “Through our mission and with these donations, we want to demonstrate our commitment to improving the quality of life of patients in need, and to participate in the mobilization to advance the fight against AIDS“ commented Cécile Goubault, ELITech Clinical Systems Managing Director. “We are committed to supporting the actions of these two organisations.”

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