Molecular Diagnostics

Leading-edge real-time PCR technology driving advanced assay solutions.

Proprietary technology developed by ELITechGroup Molecular Diagnostics, including MGB (Minor Groove Binder) and SuperBase chemistries, enables advanced solutions for real-time PCR assay development. Through partnerships with leading laboratories and manufacturers, ELITechGroup Molecular Diagnostics has developed unique instrumentation and a broad menu of assays to support laboratories developing their own complex procedures.


Zika ELITe MGB® Kit U.S. – EUA

Easier and faster molecular solution for Zika testing

Zika infections are considered as a significant public health challenge at the international level. In the US and its territories, up to 40,000 travel associated and locally acquired mosquito-borne cases have been reported.1

Zika ELITe MGB® Kit U.S. is a real-time PCR assay for the detection of Zika virus in plasma and serum samples. In combination with ELITe InGenius®, a fully automated sample-to-result system, the Zika ELITe MGB® Kit U.S. offers unique benefits in terms of ease-of-use and time-to-result in comparison to other Emergency Use Authorization assays.


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Product Description: Zika ELITe MGB® Kit U.S. contains all necessary PCR reagents and controls for Zika testing

Number of reactions: 48 per kit

Reagents for Oligonucleotide Labeling

Fluorescent Dyes, Quenchers, Modified Nucleic Acid Bases and Minor Groove Binders

ELITechGroup has been actively involved in the development of fluorescence-based nucleic acid probe technologies and modified nucleobases since the early 1990s.  This experience has helped us better understand the challenges of nucleic acid probe manufacturing and the needs of end users. The proprietary reagents and techniques that we have been developing have two main goals in mind: first, to provide labeled probes with the desired physicochemical properties, and, second, to simplify the probes’ synthesis and purification.  To achieve these goals we have put together a comprehensive toolbox for nucleic acid labeling which includes a wide range of fluorescent dyes and quenchers offered in a variety of reagent forms.


Custom oligonucleotide & probe synthesis available for your research needs. Inquire at

ELITechGroup Proprietary Technologies

Unique Real-Time PCR technologies

Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive suite of PCR technologies, including the revolutionary Minor Groove Binder (MGB), which is recognized as an industry standard today. Our expertise enables us to design and manufacture superior sensitivity and specificity research use reagents, Analyte Specific Reagents, and IVD real-time PCR assays, providing unsurpassable performance for laboratories and clinicians.



Proprietary probes concentrating all ELITechGroup PCR technologies, designed with Minor Groove Binder (MGB), Eclipse® Dark Quencher, AquaPhluor® dyes, and Superbases

• Very low background and high hybridization-triggered fluorescence
• Unique quenching effects with the combined action of MGB and Eclipse® Dark Quencher
• Exceptional specificity from shorter length probes with the MGB moiety
• Improved sensitivity by combining the strong hybridization signal with low background
• Melt-curve analysis capability


Synthetic molecule attached to the 5’-end of MGB DNA probes, that binds in the minor groove of hybrid DNA molecules

• Increase stability of hybrid DNA enabling the design of shorter probes for excellent specificity and sensitivity polymorphisms discrimination
• Identify emerging mutations and reliably discriminate clinically important variants
• Increase Tm reproducibility in A-T and G-C rich regions
• Enable reliable, clear and unambiguous melt-curve analysis





Custom oligonucleotide & probe synthesis available for your research needs. Inquire at



Absorbs the fluorophore energy and dissipates it as heat; while a typical quencher re-emits part of the energy as light

• Improve absorbance of fluorescence emitted from dye reagents
• Decrease background level of fluorescence
• Improve PCR assay sensitivity
• Cover 4 spectra wavelengths



Fluorescent compound that can re-emit light upon light excitation

• Optimize detection with the comprehensive range of 25 different colors from UV to far-red developed
• Utilize dyes perfectly adapted to multiplexed assays


SUPERBASES: Super A, Super T, Super G, and Super I

Engineered nucleotides selectively used to optimize primers and probes design

• Enhance A-T stability (e.g. rich A/T domains)
• Reduce secondary structure (e.g. GG selfassociation) and fluorescence quenching
• Confer close Tm value when paired with any bases

MGB Alert® Analyte Specific Reagents

MGB Alert® ASRs are analyte specific probe and primers that utilize ELITechGroup proprietary real-time PCR chemistries for advanced amplification and detection of nucleic acid sequences.

  • Universal Cycling Conditions– Run multiple assays simultaneously
  • Melt-Curve Capable– Increase specificity, detect genetic variants, and confirm negative results
  • Open Platform– Run with most Real-Time PCR instrumentation
  • Built-in Controls– Includes probe and primers specific to internal control
  • Functionally Tested– Developed in partnership with leading laboratories

ELITe InGenius® – Sample to Result


ELITe InGenius®* is an open, flexible, and easy to use sample-to-result solution for standardizing complex real-time PCR assay procedures.

ELITe InGenius® automatically performs nucleic acid extraction, quantitative PCR, and results interpretation on a single platform for unprecedented flexibility and efficiency.

ELITe InGenius® combines universal extraction with multiple independently controlled PCRs enabling laboratories to run a virtually unlimited menu of unique custom assays with a single workflow.

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MGB Alert® Platinum Master Mix

MGB Alert® Platinum Master Mix is designed for Real Time-PCR and end-point PCR reactions

MGB Alert® Platinum Master Mix

  • Streamlined Workflow:
    Optimize staff utilization, Universal Cycling Conditions
    Run multiple assays simultaneously, Melt-Curve Capable
  • Open Platform
    Runs on most Real-Time PCR instruments
  • Expert Technical Support
    Committed to maximize your investment

For additional information on ordering MGB Alert® Platinum Master Mix for evaluation or to request a product demonstration, please contact your ELITechGroup Molecular Diagnostics Regional Sales Manager or email us at

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Product Description: MGB Alert® Platinum Master Mix
Number of Reactions: 48 reactions

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Enabling healthcare providers to make better medical decisions, improve patient outcomes and deliver a superior level of service and care.

MRSA/SA ELITe MGB® is a qualitative Real-Time PCR test for the direct detection of S. aureus and MRSA DNA purified from human nasal swab specimens.


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Product Description: MRSA/SA ELITe MGB® (Each kit contains: PCR Monoreagent, Internal Control and Positive Control)
Number of tests per Kit: 100 Tests