EM Smart Reader

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A unique Microbiology Expertise Now Embodied in a Smart and Reliable Solution.


  • A unique automated and expert solution for the diagnosis of urogenital mycoplasma (extended menu to come)
  • A time-saving approach for laboratories
  • Standardized reading & interpretation of results
  • Secure traceability of all reagents and specimens (barcode reading) for better QC management
  • Expert integrated program monitoring ongoing tests, guiding technicians step-by-step from the beginning of incubation:
    → alerts you to expired shelf-life
    → reminds you of the current status of each specimen (“time to read”, “need to re-incubate”, “validation needed”…)
  • Intuitive touch screen user interface

Easy software updates and data export with the USB port
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Ref. 99000
Product Description: EM Smart-Reader™
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