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Internal Control

CTR-CPE is a universal Internal Control suitable for all ELITe MGB & Alert Q-PCR kits. The Internal Control is validated for DNA and RNA extraction from non-cellular and cellular biological samples with the ELITechGroup products: EXTRAgen, EXTRAzol, EXTRAblood, ELITe STAR 200 Extraction kit, ELITe GALAXY 300 Extraction Kit, ELITe InGenius SP200 and also with NucliSENS® easyMAG® Reagents (bioMérieux), QIAsymphony® DSP Virus / Pathogen Midi kit and QIAsymphony® DNA Mini kit (QIAGEN).

CTR-CPE is a stabilised plasmid solution containing two plasmid DNAs and genomic RNA of MS2 phage, aliquoted in four tubes and ready for use.

The amplification of the internal control CTR-CPE indicates the correctness of the extraction procedure: the presence of DNA/RNA and the absence of inhibitors.

CE-IVD product

Detection, Prevention & Elimination of Contamination in Cell Cultures + PCR cycler validation

Minerva Biolabs GmbH is a leading biotechnology company for the development and marketing of detection & elimination kits for the control of microbial contamination. The company is based in Berlin. Their core competence lies in the control of mycoplasma, bacteria and viruses in cell cultures and biopharmaceuticals. In addition they employ their specialized kits and reagents as PCR diagnostics of respiratory tract infections and for the detection of legionella in water. They regard it as their function to be your highly competent expert in these specialized areas of contamination control, clinical diagnostics and water diagnostics.

The Mycoplasma Detection Kits employ PCR technology for rapid and reliable detection of more
than 110 Mollicutes species, including Mycoplasma, Acholeplasma and Spiroplasma. All relevant
species known as contaminants in various in situ biologicals including cell cultures, culture media, cell
preparations and virus stocks are detectable. One of the different types will fit each individual customer’s
need for a fast, reliable and time-saving routine monitoring!
Mynox® is a biological agent that integrates selectively into the mycoplasma membrane
and compromises its integrity. The result is an osmotic influx that leads to the complete
disintegration of the mycoplasma membrane. With mycoplasma eradicated, cells can
immediately return to their native morphology and normal proliferation rates.

Onar® Bacteria utilizes the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for highly sensitive detection of
bacterial contamination in various in situ biologicals including cell cultures and virus stocks.
The primer set is specific to a highly conserved region within the 16S ribosomal RNA gene in
the bacteria genome. This allows for detection of all bacteria species tested thus far and usually
encountered as airborne contaminants in cell cultures. Eukaryotic DNA is not amplified by
Onar® Bacteria. The Primer/Nucleotide Reaction Mix already provides an Internal Control DNA as an
essential tool for successfully executed reactions.

ZellShield® protects cell cultures from a broad range of common contaminants.
ZellShield® is active against most intracellular and extracellular growing gram negative and gram
positive bacteria, mycoplasma, protozoon, fungi and yeast.
WaterShield™ protects the water in the reservoir from microbial growth. WaterShield™ can be used in
any kind of laboratory water reservoirs and is compatible with common work surfaces.
Mycoplasma-Off™ is a highly effective solution for cleansing and disinfection of all suitable laboratory
surfaces and apparatus. Mycoplasma-Off™ is outstandingly safe in use possessing not only a
strong mycoplasmacidal effect, but also being effective against bacteria, yeasts and viruses: Mycoplasma-
Off™ has been proven to be effective against bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus,
Enterococcus hirae, Escherichia coli, Proteus mirabilis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans,
BVDV, Poliovirus, Adenovirus, Polyomavirus SV40, Norovirus and Vacciniavirus.

The PCR Cycler Check™ kits allow a realistic verification of block and air heated PCR cyclers for installation
qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ) and performance qualification (PQ) according
to legal requirements, like ISO 17025, EN 45001, ISO 13485, ISO/TS 20836:2007, GLP, GMP and
The PCR Cycler Check™ series provides temperature sensitive PCR reactions to monitor an upper and
lower temperature range in one PCR reaction. The primer sequences and the PCR protocol were designed
to react extremely sensitive on fluctuations of more than 2 °C within the cycler protocol with a drop
out of amplification. This way the temperature homogeneity, the precision of the temperature control
and the timing can be verified. In addition, the pre-adjusted target concentrations are only amplified at
high PCR efficiencies as an additional indicator for accurate temperature control of the thermal cycler.

AquaScreen® is a test system for quantitative detection of water pathogens. AquaScreen® combines
water filtration, lysis of the collected microorganisms, DNA extraction and elution of the DNA in minimal
volumes ready for subsequent PCR analysis.

Food Control™ kit series includes Food Control™ qPCR, Food Control™ LFA and Food Control™ LFA+
PCR kits for fast and reliable detection of foodborne pathogens via real-time PCR or via our proprietary
Lateral Flow Assay (LFA) technology, respectively. Food Control™ qPCR is a diagnostic system for easy
determination of contamination degree in agricultural or food industry via real-time PCR. LFA technology
provides stripes as an easy read-out making DNA gels obsolete and in combination with our LFA+
cartridges and pre-cast chambers provide maximum contamination prevention. Food Control™ kits can
be combined with our optimized DNA extraction system ExtractNow™ Food Control.

We offer our highly effective decontamination products WaterShield™, Lab Clean™, PCR Clean™ and
PCR Clean™ Wipes in order to help you to protect your research. Watershield™ is a disinfection additive
for incubators and water baths and is active against a broad range of typical water contaminations from
bacteria, mycoplasma, protozoan, algae, fungi and yeast. Water exchange is conveniently indicated by
a diminishing blue stain. Lab Clean™ is a large area decontamination solution useful for floors preventing
room-to-room spreading of e.g. DNA carry over or trace amounts of DNA, keeping your lab “DNAload”
low if regularly applied. Finally, protect your PCR experiments from e.g. carry over or DNases and
RNases using PCR Clean™ or PCR Clean™ Wipes highly effective surface decontamination reagents.


ELITechGroup Molecular Diagnostics offers systems for the detection and identification of DNA (derived from nucleic acid amplification) by electrophoretic separation on agarose gel. The product intended use is to detect the DNA amplicons obtained by qualitative nucleic acids amplification assays.

The kit provides ready to use agarose gels in TAE buffer 1x with ethidium bromide, an electrophoresis buffer 50x to be reconstituted with sterile bidistilled water, a loading buffer 6x to prepare the amplification reaction, a ready to use molecular weight standard and a solution of ethidium bromide to dye the gel.

Reverse Transcription

The RT – kit plus is a reverse transcription reagent for the synthesis of cDNA from RNA extracted from cellular and non-cellular samples.

The synthesized cDNA is used for the detection and quantification of human RNA viruses and human messenger RNA with diagnostic assays based on nucleic acids amplification with DNA polymerase enzymes (such as thermostable DNA polymerases).

The procedure consists of an enzymatic reaction with reverse transcriptase in a programmable thermal cycler. The reaction uses random hexamer primers and the RNA dependent DNA polymerase from the Moloney Murine Leukaemia Virus (MMLV). The reaction generates cDNA from all the different RNA molecules extracted from the samples. The “RNasi STOP” is an inhibitor that prevents extracted RNA from degradation in case of RNases contamination.

The efficiency of the reaction allows obtaining a quantity of cDNA, detectable using an amplification assay that uses 10 μl of the product of the reverse transcription product, starting from approximately 25 target RNA molecules in 10 μl of RNA extract added to the “monotest” test tube.

Trombofilie MDx pakket

Extractie, PCR en controles

De ELITechGroup kan u een totaalpakket aanbieden voor de detectie van o.a. factor II, factor V Leiden en MTHFR mutaties.

Voor de extractie kunnen wij u bijvoorbeeld onze compacte benchtop ELITe STAR leveren (CE-IVD). Per run kan dit systeem DNA (en RNA) isoleren van 12 samples, direct vanuit de primaire buis.

Meer informatie over de ELITe STAR


PCR Assays
De assays zijn kant-en-klaar en compleet verpakt als kit. Onze assays zijn gebaseerd op onze eigen gepatenteerde MGB-technologie.

Meer informatie over de assays.


Ter controle van uw PCR bieden wij u in samenwerking met Seracare een onafhankelijke controle voor zowel FII, FV en MTHFR.

Meer informatie over de controles

Oligomix Alert Kits – Oncohematology

Nested PCR

ELITech Molecular Diagnostic offers a range of nested PCR kits for diagnosis of some leukemia, lymphoma and melanoma. These products are an aid in the cancer diagnosis, alongside patient clinical data and other laboratory test outcomes.

The oligomix Alert kits are based on nested PCR technology (two consecutive amplification reactions). After the amplification, the presence of specific amplification products is detected by electrophoresis migration on agarose gel.