Seracare Serology Controls

ACCURUN serology controls have been a long trusted source of reliable and consistent QC material for clinical laboratories worldwide. SeraCare’s ACCURUN controls are weakly reactive to help challenge your serology assays and provide additional confidence in your laboratory test results. Monitoring your assay performance can help you avoid costly repeats and, more importantly, avoid false-negative and false-positive results. With ACCURUN controls, you can troubleshoot your test methods and isolate system errors in your laboratory.

  • Mimics a patient sample, therefore treated like a patient sample, reducing additional steps in your workflow
  • Reliable and ready-to-use, eliminates the hassle of locating external controls to meet laboratory compliance requirements
  • Single-analyte and multi-analyte formats offer you cost-effective options to conserve your laboratory budget

Challenges your assay more effectively
A low positive control challenges your assay more than a medium-to-high control since it is closer to the assay cut-off; therefore, any variability in the assay will be easier to detect. Assay monitoring with ACCURUN single and multi-analyte controls improves confidence in your serology test results.

ACCURUN Controls

Consistent accuracy is non-negotiable.

Serology Controls

  • Specifically formulated as a low level positive sample for manual and automated platforms
  • Ready to use—no reconstitution or special handling required; most stable at refrigerated temperatures
  • Enable your lab to meet compliance requirements of regulatory agencies and professional organizations


Nucleic Acid Controls: our comprehensive line of PCR and hybrid-capture

NAT controls are formulated using intact virus or microorganisms

  • Help your lab monitor all aspects of sample testing—sample lysis and extraction through target or signal amplification to detection
  • Formulated at different levels to effectively challenge assay performance and monitor results at clinical decision points


Genetic Controls: setting a new standard for error detection

  • Muliple alleles per vial allow your lab to run more samples and fewer controls
    • Optimizes instrument capacity, especially for multiplexed assays
  • Eliminate more test errors, run more samples and fewer controls