Highlighting Vapor Pressure Osmometers

 Highlighting Vapor Pressure OsmometersVapor pressure osmometers are an essential mainstay in laboratories worldwide in research osmometry.

ELITechGroup Biomedical Systems is the undisputed leader of vapor pressure osmometers, bringing both superior quality, methodology and accuracy to the process.

Processing viscous, fluid or solid tissue specimens, ELITechGroup’s unique osmometers enables users to easily and quickly determine osmolality, allowing for versatility in sample collection in clinical medicine or biomedical research applications. ELITechGroup is known specifically for their renowned Vapro Vapor Pressure Osmometer, packaging vapor pressure osmometry advances into a the best product that you can use in your laboratory today. What elevates ELITechGroup’s Vapro Vapor Pressure Osmometer above the competition is ensuring clinical and research laboratories can keep up with the demand of today’s osmolality needs by rolling accuracy, simplicity and convenience into one product. Vapro Vapor Pressure Osmometer helps boost productivity while ensuring accuracy every time in the determination of osmolality in today’s busy laboratories. A key advantage of the Vapro Vapor Pressure Osmometer is that it only requires a small sample volume of 10 microliters, which allows users to assay samples that may normally be expensive or hard-to-get. The Vapro can also process samples as low as 2 microliters with a modified sample holder. In addition, the speed and accuracy of the osmometers cannot be beat with results displaying in 90 seconds or less. Convenient features that help reduce manpower time include self-diagnostics, auto-calibration and a self-cleaning thermocouple. Other attractive features include a computer interface, printout capabilities as well as statistical analysis. For more information on vapor pressure osmometers or other in vitro diagnostic equipment and reagents, visit EliTech Group.”

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ELITechGroup achieves a new CE-IVDR Certification

ELITechGroup continues to expand its portfolio of IVDR-certified PCR assays to support European diagnostic laboratories The newly obtained IVDR certificate will expedite the transition to IVDR for quantitative Class C infectious diseases assays The company is fully committed to delivering its entire portfolio of nearly 60 molecular assays as IVDR…

ELITechGroup Launches Second IVDR Certified Gastrointestinal Infection Assay: GI Parasitic PLUS ELITe MGB® Kit 

ELITechGroup launches their second kit of the Gastrointestinal infection assay panel targeting parasitic pathogens.  The ELITe MGB Gastrointestinal assays are IVDR-certified in combination with InGenius and BeGenius, fully automated samples-to-results instruments.  The company will shortly launch two more gastrointestinal assay infection panels targeting viral pathogens and Norovirus.   ELITechGroup announces the…

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