ELITechGroup celebrates the installation of the 1000th ELITe InGenius® system

Turin, 23rd December, 2021 – It is with great satisfaction that ELITechGroup announces the installation of the 1000th ELITe InGenius® system. This milestone – achieved only 5 years after the launch of the product – clearly demonstrates the worldwide success of the company’s fully automated sample-to-result Real Time PCR platform. ELITechGroup created a special edition of the ELITe InGenius® to celebrate the event. “We are pleased that EL width=ITechGoup has chosen IRCCS Policlinico S. Orsola of Bologna for the installation of the 1000th InGenius” said Prof. Lazzarotto. “I have always believed in the InGenius project because in my opinion this instrument fits in all laboratories: in small labs as well as medium/large ones looking for a high automation level, irrespective of the number of samples. In my microbiology department it finds its place alongside other high throughput ​systems because of its flexibility and its extensive menu that allows you to work on different parameters at the same time. So, a system that allows me to load any type of sample, and this is the strength of a laboratory. For the future, I envision a tomorrow that benefits from your expertise, an even larger solution in terms of operation that maintains the same flexibility as today.” The ELITe InGenius® contributes to the automation of molecular laboratories in more than 60 countries and features a growing menu of currently more than 43 CE-IVD marked parameters. The latest addition to the portfolio was the launch of hepatitis B in December 2021. “When we started the development of ELITe InGenius® it was our idea to create an instrument with a very broad menu of parameters that can be run with multiple sample types. I think that we have achieved both objectives and that they are at the heart of our success.” said Roberto Meda – ELITechGroup’s Senior Vice President responsible for Molecular Diagnostics. About ELITe InGenius® ELITe InGenius® is an easy-to-use real time PCR sample-to-result system. The instrument integrates extraction, amplification and interpretation of results with a broad menu of CE-IVD parameters. The ELITe InGenius® processes up to 12 samples on independent tracks. Its universal extraction process allows laboratories to run different PCRs from different matrices in parallel. About ELITechGroup ELITechGroup is a privately held group that develops, manufactures and distributes products for the in-vitro diagnostics market. It is the company’s goal to advance and automate clinical diagnostics.”

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