Honoring ELITechGroup’s Legacy: The MGB Stabilizer Revolution

In the world of molecular diagnostics, we often encounter groundbreaking innovations that deserve a tribute. Today, we pay homage to a pivotal moment in history—the invention of the MGB stabilizer, i.e., Minor Groove Binder stabilizer, by ELITechGroup MDx LLC (formerly known as Epoch Biosciences) in 1995.

This unsung hero has been a pivotal invention in the history of real-time PCR. It has been the key constitute of all our probes and is responsible for the high accuracy and sensitivity of all our assays. Further, the MGB-oligonucleotide complexes or MGB Probe has been a popular molecule of choice in the realm of molecular diagnostics.

The MGB molecule reversibly binds to the minor groove of double-stranded DNA in a stable configuration due to hydrophobic and Van Der Waals interactions. When linked to an oligonucleotide, MGB allows the formation of highly stable DNA duplex. The resulting highly stable complexes inhibit strand separation and prevent DNA processing and packaging functions. The increased stability of the DNA template / MGB-oligonucleotide duplex offers many advantages. These include:

  • Allows design of shorter oligonucleotide probes: improving the mismatch discrimination efficiency and reducing the possibility for the formation of secondary structure and dimers among primer and probes
  • Synergistic quenching with Eclipse Dark Quencher®: further decreasing background fluorescence and improving sensitivity with ELITechGroup MDx LLC best in class quencher molecule.
  • Bringing fluorophore closer to quencher: decreasing background fluorescence and improving sensitivity
  • Equalizing binding stability of A-T and G-C region: stabilizing the A-T-rich regions, reduces the influence of DNA sequence on the probe melting temperature (Tm).
  • Opening doors to new assay designs: short target sequences, challenging A-T rich regions, polymorphic regions, and detection of mismatched variants

The impact of MGB-Probes extends across various fields, from infectious diseases to the detection of cancer markers. As a scientific community today, we celebrate the contribution of Mole as the foundation of chemistry. We also take the occasion to extend our gratitude and celebrate the contribution of the pioneering chemists of the ELITechGroup who laid the foundation for this groundbreaking technology.


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