The Yeast range comes in a complete offer and is structured around an innovative decision tree.

  • New generation agglutination tests allow easy orientation, rapid and early diagnosis. These tests cover the most commonly encountered species (C. glabrata, C. dubliensis, C. krusei, C. albicans).
  • ELIchrom FUNGI tray allows the identification of a broad spectrum of species thanks to the results of  specific biochemistry reactions.
  • Perform susceptibility testing to major antifungals agents encountered in the field. The molecules are tested at 3 or 4 concentrations to adopt a very specific therapeutic orientation (Fungifast AFG).
  • To save time, our 2-in-1 solutions enable identification and resistance testing to antifungals on the same tray (Fungifast).

ELI.H.A Aspergillus

Indirect hemagglutination test for serodiagnosis of Aspergillosis