Envoy 500+

The fastest BenchTop chemistry analyzer. The Envoy 500+ performs approximately 500 tests per hour, allowing it to handle the workload of the busiest labs. The Envoy… Product Details


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Automated ESR solution for smaller sized laboratories who require “walk away” capability.

Elite InGenius®

Elite InGenius® is the first CE-IVD fully automated sample-to-result solution, integrating sample preparation, amplification and result analysis, validated with a quantitative transplant pathogen monitoring menu…. Product Details

ELITe STAR & Extraction Kit

ELITe STAR is a fully automated CE-IVD nucleic acid extraction solution enabling a primary tube loading, universal processing and less than 10 hands-on-time minutes.

Aerospray® Gram Series 2

Automated Gram staining system that provides rapid, standardized results for all types of specimens.