The product of the Philadelphia translocation, the BCR/ABL oncogene P190 isoform, is commonly found in acute lymphoid leukemia, a rare disease that can be fatal within a matter of months if untreated. Detection and quantification of P190 BCR-ABL fusion gene, by molecular methods, is crucial for patient management, to initiate the appropriate treatment and measure response to therapy.


BCR-ABL P190 ELITe MGB® Kit is a real-time PCR assay for the detection and quantification of the mRNA of the BCR-ABL t(9;22) translocation of the Philadelphia chromosome, isoform P190 compared to the kinase protein Abelson (ABL) mRNA. The assay has been tested on a large range of sample types with conventional extraction and PCR systems.


Conserved targets · Fusion gene and BCR-ABL, isoform P190
· human gene ABL
One-step format · Reverse transcription and real-time PCR assay within the same run
Best-in class PCR technology · ELITe MGB probes designed with Minor Groove Binder, Superbases® and Eclipse® Dark Quencher
Large range of samples · Peripheral blood samples, medullary blood samples collected in citrate or EDTA, lymphomonocyte or leukocyte suspensions
Instruments · Extraction: TRI reagent product (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
· Thermal cyclers: ABI 7300 Real-Time PCR system and ABI 7500 series
High performance · 96% clinical sensitivity and 100% clinical specificity
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Ordering Information

Product Name Description Reference
BCR-ABL P190 ELITe MGB Kit P190 PreMix:1 tube, 50 reactions
ABL PreMix: 1 tube, 50 reactions
PCR MasterMix: 2 tubes, 50 reactions each
RT EnzymeMix:2 tubes,50 reactions each
BCR-ABL P190 ELITe Standard 2 sets of 4 levels, 2 reactions each STDG07PLD190