Transplant Pathogen Monitoring

Adenovirus ELITe MGB® Kit


Adenovirus ELITe MGB® Kit is a real-time PCR assay for the detection and quantification of Adenovirus DNA. The assay is CE-IVD validated on a large range of sample types, with diverse conventional extraction and PCR systems


Conserved targets Region of adenovirus hexon protein gene and human beta-globin gene as an internal control
Easy-to-use Monoreagent, ready-to-use
Best-in class PCR technology ELITe MGB probes designed with Minor Groove Binder, Superbases® and Eclipse® Dark Quencher
Large range of samples Whole blood, plasma, nasal washes and nasal swabs
Instrument Extraction: ELITe Star, ELITe Galaxy, NucliSENS easy MAG and QIAsymphony SP/AS
Thermal cyclers: ABI 7300 Real-Time PCR instrument and ABI 7500 series
High performance 99.6% clinical sensitivity and 96.4% clinical specificity
Complete transplant menu Complete transplant pathogen monitoring range


Ordering Information

Product Name Description Reference
Adenovirus ELITe MGB Kit 4 tubes, 25 reactions each RTS078PLD
Adenovirus ELITe Standard 2 sets of 4 levels, 8 reactions each STD078PLD
Adenovirus ELITe Positive Control 4 tubes, 3 reactions each CTR078PLD
CTRCPE – Internal Control 4 tubes, 25 reactions each CTRCPE


Adenovirus ELITe MGB Kit is also CE-IVD validated with ELIte InGenius®, a fully automated sample-to-result solution