Extraction Instruments


ELITe Galaxy

ELITe Galaxy is a CE-IVD bench top solution for Nucleic Acid extraction and PCR set-up. The system is enabled with a unique Real-Time PCR menu that includes the largest infectious disease menu for transplant monitoring.

The ELITe Galaxy system performs automatically a universal sample preparation based on magnetic beads technology with the ELITe Galaxy 300 extraction kit and up to 8 multiple PCR set-up operations for qualitative and quantitative applications. Advanced liquid handling technologies guarantee accurate and reliable pipetting operations and prevent the risk of contamination.

ELITe Galaxy offers is an automated and flexible solution dedicated to high throughput laboratories to perform an ease-of-use sample preparation and PCR setup.


ELITe STAR is a fully automated CE-IVD nucleic acid extraction solution enabling a primary tube loading, universal processing and less than 10 hands-on-time minutes. The ELITe STAR instrument is used with ELITe STAR 200 extraction kit extracting nucleic acid from various body fluids.

ELITe STAR instrument is a compact and secure bench top microplate system which performs a complete sample preparation: samples and reagent dispensing, incubation, magnetic separation, elution. It processed up to 12 samples with a direct loading of the primary tubes and extraction reagents, both positively identified by an integrated barcode reader. ELITe STAR is used with ELITe STAR 200 extraction kit, designed for a fully automated extraction and purification of human genomic DNA, mitochondrial DNA, bacterial DNA, and viral DNA/RNA from various matrices namely human whole blood, plasma collected in EDTA or citrate, serum, cerebrospinal fluid, amniotic fluid, rinsed liquid from swabs, urine or supernatant from stool suspension.

ELITe STAR offers laboratories an automated solution dedicated to reliable isolation of high purity PCR ready nucleic acids.