Cytopro® Cytocentrifuge Series 2

Complete system for depositing an enriched monolayer of cells onto microscope slides.

Delivering superb cell recovery with trouble-free operation.

The new Series 2 models fulfills Today’s needs for Laboratories, with an easy and intuitive 21st century interface.

Cytopro sets the standard for consistent performance and convenience in a cytocentrifuge. With the help of experienced laboratorians, we have designed and built a cytocentrifuge that puts unsurpassed ease of use, and maximum flexibility and safety at your command.

The Cytopro cytocentrifuge is a complete, integrated system for depositing cells onto microscope slides including an advanced instrument console with touchscreen controls and an eight-station cytocentrifuge rotor. Our sample chambers are the heart of the Cytopro system. Their unique, well thought out design brings superb cell recovery and adherence without intricate error- prone procedures. In other words, it works like a dream!

The Cytopro cytocentrifuge accepts our versatile range of sample chambers: single or dual for smaller/regular sized samples and the Cytopro Magnum™ large volume chambers for processing samples up to 6 mL.

Catalogue Number(s)

Model 7622
Product Description: Cytopro® Cytocentrifuge Series 2

Cytopro® Cytocentrifuge Rotor

Optional accessory to the Aerospray Stainers, giving them full-featured cytocentrifuge capability.

The Cytopro Rotor allows you to turn your Aerospray® stainer ito a full-featured cytocentrifuge system. The Cytopro is truly simple to load and unload chambers and it is autoclavable for complete sterilization. You can also use this advanced rotor in most Shandon Cytospin systems with purchase of the Cytopro Adapter (AC-080).

Catalogue Number(s)

Product Description: Cytopro Cytocentrifuge Rotor