NGSP Recertification of HbA1c methods for Selectra Pro M and Pro S

According to the 9th Edition of the IDF Diabetes Atlas 463 million adults (20-79 years) have Diabetes and based on current trends this number is expected to reach 700 million by 2045. ​It is estimated almost 232 million people have undiagnosed diabetes (2019). ​So, it is not surprising that Diabetes is referred to as the “silent epidemic”. ​

To reduce the clinical and social impact of Diabetes, the importance of early diagnosis and effective management is well documented. Fundamental to achieving this is the accurate estimation of HbA1c by the routine clinical chemistry laboratory.

​Like many manufacturers, ELITechGroup Clinical Systems participates in the NGSP HbA1c certification programme, which independently verifies commercially available methods meet the current standards required for HbA1c measurement. ​For those many thousands of laboratories throughout the world using the ELITechGroup HbA1c reagent on the Selectra Pro M and Pro S systems, the methods have recently been re-certified and details can be found by clicking here.

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