Clinical Chemistry Systems Support

Our priority is to ensure that the support provided meets or exceeds expectations. To achieve this, there is a companywide commitment to responding to your needs in a timely, consistent and friendly manner.

If you are an end-user requiring support, please contact your local distributor or ELITechGroup subsidiary.

Customer Care

For prompt and professional assistance with product ordering, product selection or follow-up on orders placed.

To contact Customer Care, please call/email:
Phone: + 31 313 430 500

Technical Support

Expert Technical Support is provided through our global network of authorized Distributors and/or Subsidiaries.

To contact Technical Support, please call/email:
Phone: +31 313 430 537

Online resources 

ELITechGroup Clinical Systems Portal is a WEB based source to provide the registered user the most up-to-date product knowledge and information in a downloadable format.

Access ELITechGroup Clinical Systems Portal

ELITechGroup Clinical Systems Academy provides the registered learner with various Selectra product training courses.

Access ELITechGroup Clinical Systems eLearning Academy