The Importance of Maintaining an Organized Lab

organized laboratoryRegardless of the types of tests and experiments performed in your laboratory, one of the most important things to consider is organization. Efficiency in the laboratory saves time and money, and one simple technique to make your lab more efficient is to keep it organized.

Creating an organized environment will take the cooperation of your entire team, so take time to set ground rules and create a basis for organization that will be simple for everyone to follow.

Clean and Organize Shelving

Think about how long it typically takes you to find reagents and other solutions on your shelves. If the answer is more than a minute or two, it is time to reevaluate your organization techniques. The easiest way to reorganize your refrigerators and shelves is to remove all items from them and begin labeling.

Whether you organize alphabetically, by product type or with some other method is up to you. Just make sure your technique is known and understood by fellow employees to ensure things are put back in the right place.

Keep Spreadsheets Maintained

If you notice your lab is often running out of supplies or has been placing duplicate orders, another idea to consider is to create – or reorganize – your supply spreadsheets. By keeping track of what items you have extras of and which are running low, you can prevent over ordering and the running out of supplies.

Also take a look at the spaces where you keep extra equipment, cleaning products and reagents stored. Are these areas organized? Is it easy to find an item when you need it? If not, clean out these areas like you did your shelves and refrigerators.

Create a Schedule

As important as it is to organize your laboratory, it is even more important to maintain this level of organization. Creating and following a schedule can help you to do so and will ensure that everyone is doing their part to keep your lab in top condition.

Make a weekly cleaning schedule that gives everyone time to organize their benches, while also rotating through chores like cleaning out refrigerators, reviewing supply numbers and cleaning instruments.

Take note of the state of your lab equipment as you get yourself organized and consider new machines to replace those that have grown old or outdated.

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